If you like world music this is the place for you. Listen to free audio samples in our world music catalog. Best selling CDs are from musicians specializing in Andean Music and Native American music. We have chosen only the best in unique music from artists available to us from around the world. We started our business of recording and distributing with the now world renowned Andean folk music. We also have a diverse variety of Native American flutes, Pow Wow style drumming, instrumental guitars, melodic tribal & world beat drumming and new age artist’.

Our prime artist’ include the groups, recordings and artist Dreamscape, Konrad Rhee, and Native World featuring Native American flutes. Tribal drumming masters Brent Lewis and Jim McGrath use over 1,000 percussion instruments and have created over 20 full album recordings. Our Cultural Legacy series features Andean folk, Pow Wow drumming, and traditional spiritual creations of Lakota Souix and Creek artist’.

New age recording artist’ such as Lesium, Magna Canta, and Buddha Cafe series mix the similar sounds of Enigma with electronic guitars and keyboards like Pink Floyd to create unique and modern world grooves. Our instrumental guitars section features DAVEED using acoustic and electric guitar mixed with various world instruments including sax, violins, and duduk flutes.

Music from Ecuador, Peru & Bolivia is much loved throughout the world. Through the traditions passed down from the Inca, Aymara, and other indigenous cultures of South America are created intensely wonderful sounds, sometimes happy, sometimes sad and haunting. The echoes of zampona, quenas, rondador, ronroco, charango, and many other wind, string and percussion instruments are used to create a music that will hypnotize the listener into a dreamland of their imagination.

The Native American flute has been used for at least hundreds of years by Native Americans from many different tribes and cultures. Today it is recognized not only by Native Americans but also many world musicians are using the flutes and percussion instruments to create new age music and music of the southwest. The collection we offer is varied and encompasses different aspects of the Native American music of yesterday and today.

Brent Lewis’ life is his music and the study of tribal rhythms. He has traveled throughout Africa and other parts of the world to study the roots of tribal ceremony and rhythms. His background is extensive including 7 years as the featured percussionist for Charo and the Sahara Orchestra, and the opening solo act for such famous musicians as Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry, Herbie Hancock, The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane (Starship), Jerry Lewis, Danny Thomas, Linda Rhonstadt, The Doc Severinson Orchestra and many more. His music has also been featured in several films, such as, JFK by Oliver Stone, Endless Summer II, and Natural Born Killers.

World music is a term that cannot be accurately defined for the scope of possibilities is so broad. We like to define it as music that has some cultural influence and that cannot fall into any other niche or category of music that is being created today. The artist’s music we choose to add to our catalog is carefully picked to ensure that we offer only the best in world music.

Attention Retailers:

Based on our experience in the retail sale of this music, we know our new world music sells very well in all types of unique gift shops, specialty shops, ethnic or culture shops, and record stores with “new age” selections. Take a look at our music catalog to see the volumes now available and try out a few of them. We are certain you will be pleased. For more information about wholesale orders, please call 1-888-398-0766.