Native American Flutes

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Native American Flutes: Comes in a variety of woods and sizes. Walnut, Cedar, and Birch wood. A, B, C, D, G, E, F# & G minor keys. Prices vary from $39.00 to $295.00 depending on size and art work of each flute. Call (888)398-0766 for more info.

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IMG_0160 IMG_1374Native American Flutes we offer are professional quality, tuned to scale, minor key 5 & 6 hole wooden flutes. Keys available are A, B, B flat, C, D, E, G, F#. Pocket flute is available in A & G. Bass flutes are available in D, C, G & F#. Prices range from $39.00 and up to $295.00 for the signature series models. Price varies depending on size and detail. Call (888)398-0766 for info.

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Plain Cedar in A minor, Plain Cedar in G minor, Plain Spanish Cedar in A minor, Plain Walnut in A minor, Pocket Flute in A minor, Pocket Flute in G minor